All-in-one bundles all the services offered by Towerbee in one package. Any service launched in future will automatically be added to this package.

We have many new services in the pipeline that we plan to launch in next few months.

Introducing, the dynamic sales funnel which can be adjusted according to the data you want to view.

The profile of each lead has been carefully designed to display all relevant data on one screen. Add activities to time line and send messages to the customers directly from the profile menu.

The CRM comes integrated with document manager where you can upload files related to each lead individually.

So next time you have a sales order or a contract letter for a lead, simply upload it to the profile and it will be visible to your team members instantly.

Versatility to add all employee related data in one place. You can search employees by designation, name, department, employee code etc.

Attendance: Online attendance management for teams of all sizes. Captures IP address of the device along with date and time of attendance. You can also upload/ download attendance data from third party tools.

Timeline View: Timeline to view employee career progress in one single page. No need to search offline documents.

Chat with other users and share files, add events and appointments to calendar and many more features.


Need to send marketing emails or newsletters? No problem. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 subscribers, our infrastructure allows you to send bulk emails with ease .

Clean interface allows you to send beautiful and creative emails without any hassle. Compose email, select the mailing list from drop-down and click send. That's it!

Complete Profile: Store not just email ids and contact numbers but complete profile of the contacts. You can add important dates, home and office address, social links like Facebook, Twitter, notes etc.


Always stay connected: One to one chat and group chat to keep everyone connected. Your team members never stop interacting. Increase productivity and decrease waiting time.

Video call: Have a meeting coming up with your team members? Be a part of the meeting without leaving your desk or home. Our video calling feature allows you have one to one and group video calling.

Share Files: Share files right from the chat window. Simply drop the file in the chat window and the other user will receive it.


File Manager: Keep your files online and access them from anywhere. Move/Copy files with Drag & Drop. Create/extract (zip, rar, 7z,) archives online without using any software.

Share Files and folders: Share files and folders securely with everyone or with selected users.

Online Spreadsheet: Open excel files directly from the file manager. No need of any external software. Create powerful spreadsheets and share it with your team and customers.


Add meetings & appointments: Never miss another meeting or appointment. Our calendar helps you track all your meetings, reminders and appointments in one place.

Timeline view displays all the upcoming events in simple and easily readable way.

Share events: Share events with your team members to let them know about the upcoming meeting or appointment.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Increase your sales by upto 400%. Add and manage leads with ease. Never miss track of any lead. Our unified platform enables you to manage all customer related data in one place.

Drag drop feature: View status of leads in one single screen. Drag and drop function to make changes with ease. Simply drag an item from one column and drop it to the column you want to. Say good bye to the old way of managing leads.

Territory Management: The territory management feature enables you to define territory for leads and also for your team members.

The CRM comes integrated with document manager where you can upload files related to each lead individually.


HR Module: Unified HR module which combines employee data, attendance, payroll, file sharing, calendar and much more.

Calendar: The HR Module comes integrated with personal and shared calendar to allow employees to schedule their activities more effectively.

BUSINESS E-MAIL : Get email ids for the domain name you own. Enterprise class email to meet all your needs. Modern interface and comes integrated with chat, video call, calendar, document drive and much more.

Start a video call right from your inbox. No need to install any software. Always stay connected with your team members.

Add mailing list; and subscribers to the mailing list. You can view and delete subscribers in one single screen.


Contact Management: Store and manage all your contacts in one place. Integrated with chat, email and few of the CRM capabilities.

Groups: Create groups to keep similar contacts together. A contact can be added to multiple groups or tags.

Upload Files: Upload files and documents for the contacts and access them anywhere. You can upload any number of documents for each contact.

Know whether users are online or offline. It also displays whether user is logged in from mobile device or from computer or laptop.

Screen sharing with screen control

The screen sharing feature allows your users to control the screen remotely! Not only can your users view each other’s screens, they can also control them.

  • Standard methods of file/group selection using mouse or keyboard
  • Preview for common file types.
  • Calculate directory sizes.
  • Thumbnails for image files

Online Word: The collaborative online word document can be concurrently read and edited by multiple users. It also has an in-built chat feature which enables you to chat with users viewing or editing the word document.

Feature loaded spreadsheet: You can create tables, sort data, use mathematical formulas, create filters, do formatting of cells, font sizes, validation, merging, frozen panes, cell and background colors and much more.

Display types: Types of display options available: Day, Work week, Month, Agenda, Timeline

Integrated calendar: The calendar is integrated with other Towerbee apps. Empower your team members through self-service functions.

Recurring events: Add recurring events to calendar in one shot. No need to add the event multiple times.

All our modules are compatible with each other

All our modules have been designed in such a way that they can fully integrate with each other. So, if you start using one of our services and at a later date decide to add another one, then it can be integrated seamlessly to your existing module.